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Frequently Asked Questions About Social Security Disability (SSD) Benefits

Am I Eligible For SSD Benefits?

In order to be eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits (SSD), you must have worked a sufficient amount of time before you became disabled to be eligible for these benefits. If you have worked a sufficient amount of time and have an impairment of any type that prevents you from sustaining work, you may be eligible to receive these benefits.

What Types Of Injuries / Impairments Are Considered Disabling?

An individual can be disabled for any type of reason. It could be due to a disabling accident, a mental impairment, a genetic condition, disease, terminal illness, or any other type of disabling condition. An impairment can be from brain damage, dementia, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, impairments to the hands, etc.

What Are The Fees For Having A Lawyer Represent Me?

A lawyer at Steenberg Law Firm will only be paid on your claim if your case is won. Typically, fees are 25% of the retroactive benefits.  However, there is a maximum statutory limit, which is currently $6,000.00. If an attorney wins your claim and there are no retroactive benefits, the fee request will be based upon the time spent working on the file and the expertise that was required.  We recommend you let an experienced attorney at our firm handle your Social Security Disability claim, as there is no fee unless we are successful in winning your claim. At Steenberg Law Firm, we will handle your case from the beginning to end, which will include obtaining medical records and gathering any other necessary proof and representing you at the hearing.

After I File My Initial Application For SSD, How Long Does A Decision Take?

It can vary, but it typically takes two to four months from when you initially apply to get a determination from SSA regarding whether you are initially approved or denied.

What Are My Chances Of Getting Approved For SSD At The Initial Application Stage?

It all depends on your age, education, work history and medical evidence to support your disability.  The older you are and the less educated you are, the easier it is to get approved at the initial application level.  Remember, over 70% of all applicants applying for SSD get denied after filing the initial application.  However, the chances of getting approved at a hearing increase so do not be discouraged just because you were denied at the initial application stage.

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