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Representation In Compensation Hearings

When your compensation claim comes to the point where a hearing is necessary, going in on your own can cost you the settlement you need. Instead of risking your future by going alone, arm yourself with an experienced attorney. The attorneys at the Steenberg Law Firm appear at hearings before New York state workers’ compensation law judges on a daily basis. As a result of our knowledge and experience, our attorneys have refined legal skills that enable us to get each client the monetary and medical benefits they are entitled to under the law.

How We Can Help You

Under certain circumstances, you have the right to a hearing before a workers’ compensation law judge. Our attorneys will discuss the circumstances of your individual case and, if needed, immediately request a hearing on your behalf. Here at the Steenberg Law Firm, we will be with you every step of the way, and our track record of success at hearings is unmatched.

Never attend a hearing without an attorney representing you as the law judge could make findings at the hearing that cannot be “undone.” Certain findings could be detrimental to receiving future monetary or medical benefits. Remember, the New York state law judge works for New York state and will not simply make decisions on your behalf when you don’t have your own attorney. The only people you can count on to stand up for you and ensure you receive the benefits you are entitled are the attorneys and staff at the Steenberg Law Firm.

Have An Experienced Attorney At Your Side

Don’t hurt your case by attending a hearing without representation. Let a lawyer who knows how to manage a workers’ compensation hearing help protect your best interests. Call our office today at 716-558-2000 or email us here to speak with an experienced New York workers’ compensation attorney for free.