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Typical Forms Of Workplace Injuries

If you have made your way to this information page, you have likely already been injured on the job. No matter the stage of your case – whether you are still seeking medical treatment, your claim has been denied by the insurance carrier, your claim is already established and active, or you are years into your claim and are just now looking for legal representation; we at Steenberg Law Firm can step in and begin taking some of the stress off of your shoulders.

At the Steenberg Law Firm, we know there are many types of workplace injuries that may leave you requiring workers’ compensation benefits. From a sprained ankle to a broken bone to a serious spinal injury, we are able to assist you with any injury you might be suffering from. No matter what you might do for a living, there are countless ways you can be injured on the job. Below are just a few of the common workplace injuries we see:

Hospital Workplace Injuries

Hospital and health care workers make up the largest concentration of workers in New York. Health care jobs can very often be one of the most physically demanding jobs out there. Whether it be lifting and maneuvering a patient or lifting a piece of medical equipment; nurses, nurse assistants and other medical caregivers put themselves at risk of physical injury on a daily basis. That being said, it is no surprise that health care workers face one of the highest rates of workplace injury across all professions.

Construction Accident Injury

Given the physical nature of the job, it is no surprise that construction workers are at risk of physical injury. Whether you suffered an injury falling from an elevated work area, an object falling on you from above, as a result of operating equipment or repetitive motion, just to name a few, you should contact one of our attorneys to discuss what steps should be taken.

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

Car accidents can result in serious injuries at times. If you are in a car accident while working, we can help you pursue medical and monetary benefits from the workers’ compensation insurance carrier. If there is another party at fault, other than your employer, we can also discuss with you the possibilities of a third-party personal injury action.

Lifting Injuries

Whether it be from lifting a heavy object one time or repetitive lifting over an extended period of time, lifting injuries are one of the most common injuries that occur on the job. If you believe you suffered an injury as a result of lifting something on the job, you should contact the Steenberg Law Firm to ensure you receive the benefits you are entitled to.

Shoulder And Neck Injuries

Whether you work on stocking products in a store or warehouse or you are an over-the-road truck driver, nearly all jobs leave you susceptible to a shoulder or neck injury. Often, a neck injury can manifest with symptoms in the shoulder, or inversely a shoulder injury can manifest with symptoms in the neck. It is important to discuss these issues with your doctor to determine what the underlying injury is. It is equally important to discuss the underlying diagnosis with your attorney as from a legal standpoint shoulder and neck injuries are handled very differently. The attorneys at Steenberg Law Firm have the experience, foresight and knowledge to smoothly navigate your case while the doctors determine whether you have a shoulder and/or neck injury.

Knee And Ankle Injuries

Workers often suffer knee or ankle injuries on the job. This can occur from something as benign as stepping off a ladder or as serious as a motor vehicle accident. In any event, whether a broken bone or a mild sprain, we can evaluate your case to ensure you are getting the medical treatment and monetary benefits you should be receiving.

Spine Injuries

Spine injuries can often be the most severe. In some instances, they result in surgery and sometimes multiple surgeries. As your attorney, we can take care of making sure your medical treatment continues to get paid for by the carrier and your monetary benefits continue while you are out of work, while you’re focusing on your treatment and getting better.

Hearing And Vision Loss

If a workplace accident or long-term occupational exposure has caused hearing or vision loss, we can help you pursue medical treatment and compensation for that loss.

The above is a short list of the possible workplace injuries you might suffer from. If you believe you have suffered a workplace injury, please contact one of the experienced attorneys at the Steenberg Law Firm to discuss your specific injury in more detail.

The Compensation You Need

No matter what kind of injury you received while working, we can help you secure fair and full compensation to cover all of the current and future expenses of your recovery. Come schedule your initial consultation by calling us at 716-288-5563 or emailing us here. Do not make the mistake of assuming you will automatically earn the compensation you deserve and contact us today.