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Earning A Fair Settlement For Your Workplace Injuries

A workplace injury can be extremely costly to the victim, which is why workers’ compensation is so important. When fighting for fair compensation goes on for too long, sometimes the best option is to accept the settlement offer and move on. Even if you are accepting a settlement, you and your attorney have a say in the size of the value.

At the Steenberg Law Firm, our lawyers are proud to offer our clients the representation they need for all of their workers’ compensation needs. We do not settle for “good enough” results, even when negotiating for a settlement. We know that your needs come first, and that means doing everything in our power to help you.

How Negotiation Can Maximize Your Settlement

At a certain point, some clients would like to close their workers’ compensation case and move on with their life. However, there are different types of workers’ comp settlements. Depending on the insurance carrier involved, an attorney can negotiate a “full and final” settlement which is also called a “global” settlement. The other common type of settlement is called an “indemnity only” settlement. A full and final settlement permanently closes the entire case (both indemnity and medical benefits) while the “indemnity only” settlement is a partial settlement that only closes the indemnity (monetary) portion of the case and typically allows for continued ongoing medical coverage. Both types of settlements are permanent.

The insurance companies, if they are smart, will act like they are genuinely on your side but you should not be fooled – they do this so you don’t feel compelled to consult an attorney. And if you don’t speak with an attorney, the insurance companies will get away with paying you less than what you are entitled to.

Our attorneys have experience settling every type of case imaginable. Our attention to detail and astute negotiating skills help ensure our clients receive the maximum settlement possible. We will discuss each offer, counteroffer and all other aspects of the settlement process to make sure that each client understands what they are agreeing to. Whether it is a million-dollar settlement or a $10,000 settlement, our attorneys will be with you, side by side, at every step to ensure total peace of mind.

Let Our Team Fight For Your Benefits

Don’t settle your case alone, call our office at 716-288-5563 today or email us here for a free same-day consultation with no strings attached. Remember, an insurance company will never just voluntarily pay you the max amount despite how genuine they may seem.