Workers’ Compensation

If you or a loved one suffered an injury at work or developed an injury over time from your work, then you could be entitled to Workers compensation benefits. New York State Workers Compensation include (2) two main benefits: (1) monetary payments for lost wages, and (2) covered medical treatment. It does not matter in a Workers Compensation case whether your employer or co-worker is at fault or not for your injury. New York State is a “No-Fault” Workers Compensation system.

Workers Compensation

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It is important to keep in mind that it is the insurance company’s primary goal to not pay you or pay you the least amount of money as possible. Unless you have an attorney representing you, it is not uncommon for the insurance company to pay you less than what you’re entitled to. Many insurance company representatives pretend to be on your side, but be assured they are not.

What If You are Hurt at Work?

Workers Compensation

It is important to get medical treatment immediately. Tell the doctor how the injury occurred and emphasize to the doctor that it happened at work. Also, tell your supervisor or boss about the accident or injury immediately. Depending on the type of injury you suffered, the law requires you tell your employer about it within a certain period of time. You should file a workers’ comp claim immediately as there are time limitations.

In New York, when an individual misses time from work due to a work injury, they are generally entitled to (2/3) two-thirds of their average weekly wage (up to a maximum rate per week). The “average weekly wage” is the amount you earned, on a weekly basis, in the year before to your injury. This bi-weekly monetary benefit you receive when your injury causes you to miss work is commonly called “indemnity benefits” or “wage replacement benefits.” Additionally, depending on the type of injury you have, you could also be entitled to a lump sum award near the end of your case.

Injured workers have a right to medical care. Medical care is necessary not only for your recovery, but it also documents the injury for the court. When an individual has an accident, they should see a doctor immediately and follow up at least every three months. If you have an established workers’ comp case, then medical treatment for your work injury is covered for life as long as the treatment you get is related to that same work injury.
You may also qualify for a personal injury case in addition to your New York Workers Compensation claim. This is referred to as a “third party personal injury” case because it is against someone other than your employer.

Remember, the insurance company does not want to pay you. Unless you have an experienced attorney, it is legally possible for the insurance company to pay you less than what you are actually entitled to.

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